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Does meditation work ?

Imagine you're stuck in dead end job you have a boss that’s borderline abusive, you are in a loveless and empty relationship, Struggling for money but you spent too much on things you don’t need. You numb yourself by watching too much TV, playing on your phone or drinking too much. You have no relationship with god even though you go to church every Sunday. You are worried and scared all the time with no end in site for your miseries.

Friends this was my life about seven years ago I was frustrated and defeated then I found a book called “how to loose my mind and get a new one”. Basically it was a book about meditation. I was desperate. I was willing to try anything.

I created a vision board and every morning before sitting in my meditation I would look at my board. The kind of life I wanted, the job, the relationship, the health, the money. And I just sat in silence trying to quite my mind and trying to catch the thoughts that were specially self defeating and letting them go and not dwelling on them.

There was a time I would getup every morning at 4am and just sit for 2 hours straight. Nothing really changed for several months in fact sometimes it even felt like the things were getting worse. But things started to shift, I got dumped and I have to admit I was so relived, I was never going to be the one to break things off and it was just handed to me.

Suddenly they announced a reorg at work and I got moved to a different department under a new boss who was respectful and caring, even got a rise.

My financial advisor randomly called me one day and I remembered some money I had invested several years ago that I had completely forgotten about. I used that money as a down payment for a 3 bedroom townhome and did Airbnb with 2 of the rooms I had and practically started to live there for free.

Got into a new relationship. My life was changing fast and I was loving every minute of it.

I continued to sit and meditate , everyone says meditation is healthy and amazing reduces stress and tension and creates better health but to me that was just the side effects, the real benefit was just pure magic.

All I had to do was to sit in Silence and watch what I was thinking about myself and my life , what thoughts I was allowing to get past me. When I was able to catch those thoughts and stop the chatter to quite my mind even briefly it gave god an opportunity to do his work. and all I had to do was to get out of the way.

The more I changed from the inside the more my outside started to change.

How I looked at the world changed. I realized I was never alone. My Higher Power was always there with me. I was always looking for him everywhere in churches, in temples, in books. But, he was right here with me all along. When they say that happiness is an inside job trust me they are not kidding.

Today I have a job that I love , A new boss who is amazing, a relationship that’s extremely fulfilling. A brand new house that I love. We travel, take amazing vacations have friends who care for me….and a relationship with god that brings me immense peace and joy. All I had to do was to sit in silence.

If you too would like start a meditation practice and change from the inside, please feel free to reach out. I offer private and group classes. Its simple but not easy but I can help. Look forward to meeting you soon.

Much Love.


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