Naked yoga for modern men on ZOOM and in person 

Sunday 05/22/22 10:00 AM CST

Tantra, Touch & Intimacy with Rene

(in person only in Dallas)

Saturday 06/04/22 3:00 PM CST

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Please book your spot in Advance and let me know if you have issues with booking.

if you want to come in person please reach out to me.


I also offer Private one on one Lessons

Please email or call for appointment.

1. Naked Yoga for all levels

2. Pranayama

3. The breath of Ecstasy 

4. Chakra Healing Meditation

5. Kundalini Meditation

6. Sensual Touch Meditation

7. Shiva Lingum Meditation

8. Pancha Amrut(5 elements) Lingum Worship

9. Lingum and/or Rose bud Massage.

10. Tantric Healing Massage

11. 4 Hands Tantric Healing Massage. 

12. Reiki Healing Session

13. Theta Healing Session