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My Story

I was born in India in a town called Udaipur. I started practicing yoga in India when I was about 8 years old under the wings of my guru late Mr. SundarLal Dak. Since then I have studied yoga with many great teachers both in India as well as in US. I started teaching yoga in 2006 at the Hindu Temple in Chicago and have been teaching at various places since then.


I not only focus on the physical aspects of yoga, but also on overall wellness and the mind body and spiritual connection. My classes are usually a slow format class and I pay a lot of attention on breathing and movements with the breath.


I draw inspiration from ancient yogic texts, Tantra, dance, music and life in general to teach classes and brings a very sensual spiritual element to the practice.  My approach to yoga is to help everyone love and accept themselves as we are, on and off the mat. For me, to walk the path of yoga is a daily choice, and one that I make from my heart each and every day.

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