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Buddha's 4 noble truths

Buddham Saranam Gacchami

After Buddha got enlightened The first sermon he gave talked about this 4 noble truths

1. There is suffering

2. There is a cause for suffering

3. There is an end to suffering

4. and the suffering can end if you follow the eightfold paths that the Buddha taught

Let's talk about these for little bit more

There is suffering Buddha was a rich price he had everything and he still realized that even he will suffer with aging, sickness and death. There is suffering when we are hungry, when we are in pain, when we feel ignored or abandoned. These days we live in a world of high anxiety, stress, and uncertainty which all causes suffering.

There is suffering anytime we want things to be different then what they are.

The first noble truth rests on the understanding that there will always be suffering.

The cause of suffering. Our refusal to accept the way things are leads to wanting or craving, which is a cause of suffering. We don't suffer because the way things are but because we want or think we need those things to be different. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. If you fall down and break your hand you will feel pain but that does not have to lead to suffering. All good things come to an end, our life ends one day. Acceptance is the key to end the suffering. If we allow things to just flow and accept the things the way they are the suffering can end

No it does not mean to be complacent, does not mean to have no desires, does not mean that you don't wanna achieve anything in life or work hard for anything. What it really is trying to convey is that we should do things just for the joy of doing them without attaching to a certain outcome.

If you love acting just act. You may or may not become a famous movie star, don't attach to the results just be, our craving for a specific, result wanting things to be a certain specific way causes suffering.

There is an end to suffering.

The end to the suffering is not anything out there when they say happiness is an inside job they are not kidding we can end the suffering by going inside noticing our own thoughts and our feelings non attaching to the outcomes and realizing everything in life is temporary.

Allowing this ups and downs in life to just flow. I talked about the importance of meditation its really a huge foundation of a happy life.

Buddha gave a prescription to end the suffering that brings us to the the 8 fold path

Wise understanding - living without attachment, knowing that everything is temporary

Wise intention – compassion, generosity, kindness, appreciation and forgiveness

Wise speech – truthful to yourself and others, loving speech and listening

Wise action – avoid taking life of another being, hurting them or causing harm to them, stealing, sexual misconduct.

Wise livelihood – no job that kills or hurts, no trading arms, human trafficking dealing in drugs

Wise effort – do your part, not being greedy, entitled, seeking perfection.

Wise mindfulness - being mindful of your body, thoughts, feeling, emotions being an observer

Wise concentration – all about meditation.

These are very similar to the Ashtanga's 8 fold yogic path to spiritual enlightenment. In this case buddha focused more on mental part then any physical practice.

If you want to change your life and live more in alignment with accepting what is and meditation please feel free to reach out. I will be happy to help.

Much Love,


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