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The power of the heart chakra

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We have all heard about meditation and the chakras and I am sure many of us are an expert in the area, today I just want to talk about the heart chakra

why heart is such an important center, in 1981 scientist discovered that heart actually has its own neurons and that too very similar to the brain neurons. Not just one or two in fact we have over 40,000 neurons in the heart.

The big discovery then led to the inference that our heart can actually think feel and infer and even remember things. the heat has a brain of its own.

also when they measured the electro magnetic field of the heart they noticed that the filed actually reached several feet outside of the body.

Two really important scientific discoveries proves what yogis have been teaching for thousands of years your heart chakra is very important in your body.

what if you can get your head and heart in coherence ? can they work together as one ?

image the possibilities of having increasing the capacity of our brain. In modern day we have lost touch with the heart. luckily the science is finally catching up and continuing to prove the ancient yogic teachings are not just some mystical arts but actually proven science.

And yes, we can get our head and heart to work in coherence. How ? with meditation :) just that simple. slowing down our breath and bringing our focus on our heart and raising our emotions are some of the fundamentals of bringing you heart and brain into coherence

Want to learn more about it ? want to practice some heart chakra meditation ? reachout to me and lets sit on our mat together for some wonderful heart chakra meditation. look forward to seeing you soon.

Much love,


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