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Surrendering and trusting our higher wisdom

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Connecting with our higher self / higher wisdom is not always easy. Trusting it is even harder.

We spend so much time trying to resist what is showing up in life what if we could just relax and trust and surrender that whatever is happening is all good. like a Buddhist being very mindful and allowing things to unfold as they may.

Here are some of the thing I have found extremely helpful in building my practice of surrender and trust.

  1. My mindfulness meditation practice. sitting in silence and practicing connecting with my higher self or the divine within me. Not only doing it but doing it regularly. We all know meditation is good for us but often times we forget to give it importance and ignore this most important practice of our spiritual journey.

  2. Welcoming all the moments in life, greeting them and meeting them with full enthusiasm. accepting whatever is showing up

  3. Practicing letting go of the control. We want to be in charge all the time even when we have no control over the things that may be happening. Can we practice loosening the grip on life and allowing it just flow naturally ? ego wants to fight and be in charge but we know better but its still a difficult practice.

  4. taking inspired action, often time in meditation I would get some inspiration to say something or to do something. I am learning to cease that opportunity and actually do that. So far the results have been amazing. How I have been seeing the world has completely changed when I act on my inspirations specially after a meditation.

  5. and last but not the least staying in gratitude. being grateful for life itself, being grateful for this journey. being grateful for this breath and being grateful that we have an opportunity to experience this most amazing life.

so lets trust and surrender to the wisdom of this universe and hopefully we can be more grounded and more at peace.

much love,


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